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Open every dag 11am - 6pm

The you find the Housekeeper's schedule

This summer Stig Roar Olsen (26), a Norwegian antique expert and comedian, moves into the most beautiful museum in Stavanger; Villa Breidablikk from 1881. While living and working as a housekeeper, he will write his master thesis about the 1880’s material culture . From June 1st – 31 August you will be able to meet him almost every day. PS: Beautiful Breidablikk, with our friendly staff dressed in costumes, is worth a visit also when the housekeeper is on holiday😉

The Housekeeper is at work:

1 June -5 June 

9 June and 10 June

15 June- 21 June

26 June - 1 June


3 July - 6 July

9 July - 13 July

17 July: Regretfully, the Housekeeper is ill today :-/

 - 19 July

24 July - 29 July

The schedule for August is coming.