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The park

An English landscape garden

02. Aug 2018 - 31. Dec 2020

The English landscape garden surrounding Breidablikk was designed by Poul Holst Poulsson and is largely preserved today. Poulsson was from Christiania (Oslo) and studied landscaping in Germany. He made his mark on the city by designing several private and public parks. The most well-known are Bjergstedparken, Sykehusparken and Museumsparken.

Paths winding between trees, the absence of sharp angles or straight edges and the use of exotic trees were all characteristic for Poulsson’s many garden designs in Stavanger. At Breidablikk there is a ‘monkey puzzle’ and magnolia in addition to berry bushes, colourful rhododendrons and many tree types.

The white barn next to the main house makes it clear that farming was done on the property, which initially extended from Eiganesveien all the way to the hill Vålandshaugen.

The park is always open to the public, and the main entrance is through the gate opening onto Eiganesveien. Stavanger Municipality has developed a historical trail, in translation called ‘The Historic Gardens at Eiganes’. Following this trail, you walk through the gardens of Ledaal, Breidablikk, Holmeegenes and Munkehagen and gain good insight into Stavanger’s garden history.